LMI - Multi-View 3D Scanning and Processing - Part 1

20 septembre 2019
DVC component news

In applications where the scan target is larger than a single sensor’s field of view, or has a complex shape, multi-view scanning and processing are required in order to capture the complete geometry of the part.

Multi-view scanning and processing are used to:

  • Cover larger fields of view while maintaining high resolution
  • See more of the part (360º ring layout or opposing layout to measure thickness)
  • See past occlusions (undercuts, gaps, steep edges)
  • Perform absolute measurement between two or more features separated by a large distance (where both sensors must be calibrated to a world coordinate system)

Multi-View Processing in Gocator®

What makes Gocator® unique among 3D sensors is its built-in multi-view 3D scanning and processing capability, which can be executed in one of two ways:

  • Using multiple networked sensors to scan all the different views of a part to build a fully digitized 3D model
  • Using an XY stage and a single sensor to scan and stitch several views into a single surface

And that's just the beginning of the story ...


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