LMI - Accelerate your Vision Solutions with Virtualization - Part 3

18 juin 2020
DVC component news

In part 2, LMI explored Gocator® Emulator for Desktop. In part 3, they introduce Gocator® Emulator for Sample Testing.

Emulator for Sample Testing

Gocator® Emulator for Sample Testing allows you to send us a physical part, so that we scan it at one of our labs, generate a 3D image, and create a custom Emulator scenario that you can use in a variety of ways to speed up the development of your vision solution.


Eliminate Uncertainty And Get A Custom Part Scan

In business, certainty is everything. Knowing that a process works or doesn’t speeds our way to make the right choices and close in on a solution. With Gocator Emulator for Sample Testing, you can determine the feasibility of your application early in the process—without wasting valuable time or resources. 

The Emulator for Sample Testing involves you sending us a physical part sample that you want to measure and inspect. We then generate a report on how your application can best be solved using one of our Gocator® 3D smart sensor models. This process prevents you from having to travel to a metrology lab in-person with your part, or from having to acquire demo sensors and equipment just to conduct your initial evaluations.

And, with Gocator Emulator for Sample Testing, you are able to leverage LMI’s deep knowledge of 3D to provide you with the best possible vision solution.

How to Submit Your Sample Test Request

You can initiate the Emulator for Sample Testing process by first submitting a request on the Virtual 3D Smart Sensor page of the LMI website. Navigate to the Emulator for Sample Testing block.


Then scroll down to the website form. Fill out the form and click SUBMIT.


Your request will be evaluated by an LMI expert. Once your request is approved, an LMI Application Engineer (AE) will contact you by email to organize the shipping of your part and to define your exact measurement specifications. During the entire process you will have direct communication access to your assigned AE, who will provide you with status updates and support at every stage.

Your custom Emulator scenario will be delivered to you as a .gs file that you can download and load into your Gocator Emulator for Desktop, with no physical sensor or in-person demonstrations required. At this time the AE will also set up a video conference to walk you through the details of your scenario and answer any questions you might have.

The Sample Testing Process (In A Nutshell):

  • Submit your request on the LMI website
  • Once approved, you will work with a dedicated LMI Field Application Engineer to define your measurement requirements and ship your part to one of our labs 
  • Receive your custom part scan in a custom Emulator scenario called a .gs file
  • Download the custom scenario onto your desktop, load it in Emulator, and walk through it with an LMI expert over video conference

Try Gocator® Emulator Today

Virtualization with Gocator Emulator has many benefits in accelerating your vision solutions––without the need for sensor hardware. Available in Online, Desktop, and Sample Testing options, this virtualization technology gives you the opportunity to test Gocator’s capabilities, try different sensor models and measurement scenarios, work offline with the GDK and SDK packages to build custom solutions, and even work with your own custom part scans to determine application feasibility and the best hardware fit for your 3D sensor solution.
Accelerate your vision solutions with Gocator Emulator today.

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