New: the SealInspector spare parts case

14 février 2017
OEM Seal Inspector news

DVC has developed a case  with spare parts for the SealInspector so customers can  maintain their  apparatus by themselves. If necessary, they can replace components. This saves a lot of time and money as you can imagine. 


sparepart-koffer.jpg sparepart-koffer-binnenkant.jpgAlthough DVC works according strict  protocols, it is always possible that some damage can occur at  the transportation system. It is not important what causes the damage, but how the damage can  be solved, to be able to re-start production.

The parts in the  suitcase contain all the parts that are possibly needed to replace the broken mechanics of the transportation system.

Maintenance of these parts should only be done by qualified personnel!

When a sparepart is used of the case, we advice to re-order the part to keep the case complete. 

Any questions?  Contact our sales team.

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